Cauliflower Pizza Crust

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If you have yet to try cauliflower pizza crusts you have to understand that if not prepared properly it will yield a very mushy mess rather than anything that resembles a pizza!

Cauliflower is mostly water! I know because I have dehydrated a whole head of cauliflower and it produced only 1/3 cup of powder.

I am sure it would be easier to work with if the cauliflower was already dehydrated, but I have yet to try it. It is a lot of work to dehydrate enough to make a pizza. This crust is so good you will find it easy to eat a whole pizza by yourself and still feel hungry.

4 cups cauliflower

1/3 cup cheese of choice, I used mozzarella

1 large egg

you will need to rice your cauliflower. You can do this a few ways. Buy it pre-riced in raw form, rice it by throwing the raw head of cauliflower in the blender and blend until the chunks are smaller than a pea. If you are using raw riced cauliflower you will want to steam it in a steaming basket on the stovetop or in a saran covered bowl in the microwave. You will cook it until it can be easily mashed with a fork like potatoes.

if you cannot buy raw riced or rice it yourself you can boil the whole head in water and mash it once it is cooked. They also make ricers that rice potatoes that could be used to rice your cauliflower.

after the cauliflower is fully cooked and mashed, you will need to remove as much liquid as possible from it. The easiest way to do this is with a cheesecloth.

If you do not remove the water from the cauliflower you will have a very wet messy pile rather than a pizza.

Add your egg and cheese to create the dough for your pizza crust. I have tried cooking this pizza crust on parchment and on foil. The parchment worked ok, but the leftover moisture from the cauliflower soaked into it and made it hard to remove from the paper to serve.

The foil didn’t work well at all. Next time I think I would try heating up a pizza stone to 350 and pressing cauliflower into the stone to create the crust.

You could also try adding a little olive oil to the cauliflower mixture to crisp it as it cooks and prevent it from sticking.

Bake the crust by itself until brown. Remove from the oven to add your toppings and return to the oven to heat the toppings.

Cut up and enjoy!





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